• chevron_rightCan I park in my driveway or on the street? What if I have a visitor?
    Vehicles must be parked in the garage or carport only. Street parking is not permitted.
    Temporary parking is permitted in the driveway between 6 a.m. and midnight. No boats, trailers, busses, motorhomes, campers, oversized trucks or other such vehicles may be parked or stored on residential lots, unless within an enclosed garage approved by the Architectural Review and Control Committee.
    Visitors will be allowed to park in a homeowner’s driveway for a period of up to seven (7) days. Vehicles displaying a Department of Motor Vehicle Handicap Sticker are permitted to park in the driveway, as necessary.
  • chevron_rightDo I have to get a PO Box for mail?
    USPS does not provide home postal delivery to Carefree Residents. You will need to secure a PO Box at the local post office.
    Small PO boxes are free to local residents who can prove residency (driver’s license and utility bill). The Carefree Post Office will require you to validate your residency status annually by providing a copy of a photo ID and other proof of residency. 
  • chevron_rightWhat do I need to know about gate entry?
    Resident Access
    Homeowners who purchase a home receive two complimentary transponder and/or access cards. Additional or replacement transponders and/or access cards are available at your Association Office for a fee.
    Guest and Vendor Access
    All visitors and vendors must go through the main gate (Tom Darlington). Residents are responsible for calling the front gate at 480-488-4196 in advance to notify the gate staff of your visitor’s/vendor’s arrival so that they will allow them into the community. If you do not notify the gate staff and they are unable to reach you by phone, your guest or vendor will be turned away.
    Each owner has a standing “admit” list on file with the front gate, which lists all your regular guests and vendors and helps make sure that they are allowed entry as needed (i.e. housekeepers, gardeners, window washers, pest control).
    Please contact the Community Manager to provide an up to date admit list at least once per year.
  • chevron_rightWhat do I need to know about trash and recycling?
    Pickup Schedule
    • Carefree Homes: Trash and recycling are picked up on Wednesdays.
    • Scottsdale (Quartz Valley Homes): Trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Recycling is picked up on Thursdays.
    • There is no bulk trash collection for BHOA, however, the Board provides a dumpster for community use, twice per year.
    Trash and Recycling Containers
    Containers must be stored out of view from the street and neighboring property on non-collection days.
    Carefree residents can contact the community manager for new containers, or to report missed pickups. Scottsdale residents (Quartz Valley) should contact the City of Scottsdale.