Boulders North Committees
The Boulders Homeowners Association (“BHOA”) has an extensive committee structure that provides for homeowner participation and greatly supports BHOA board and management activities in areas key to the functioning of our association.   Committees, chaired by a BHOA Board member, are organized to address forward planning as well as ongoing topics of interest that might arise over the calendar year.   Following is a brief description of the purposes and general activities of currently active BHOA committees.
  • Architectural:  The Architectural Review and Control Committee (“ARCC”) is empowered by the Board and our association’s CC&Rs to establish, regulate and enforce our association’s architectural control standards.  This formal regulatory role is unique among our committees, which otherwise conduct their activities informally, only requiring approval from the board for expenditures or significant changes.  The ARCC is supported by advice from a consulting architect, who has served the BHOA for many years.  Chair: Don Schwarzkopf
  • Communications:  The communications committee addresses the organization and maintenance of information on our community website.   It is tasked with periodic review and update of general information, such as community rules and regulations (parking, lighting, etc.) as well as the development of frequently asked questions.  These FAQ’s help to offload the Community manager from common questions (pool keys, hours of operations), locations of BHOA forms and applications (Architectural Review), etc.  Other committees that develop web-based materials (plant descriptions, plans for lighting updates, security technology) work with the communications committee to publish their information on the website.  Chair: Dave McKeown
  • Infrastructure:  The infrastructure committee focuses on the preservation and improvement of our association’s physical assets: roads, lighting and other utilities, pools, and in certain respects, our common lands.  The committee coordinates closely with the association’s manager, who holds responsibility for overseeing the performance of ongoing maintenance contracts.   Chair: Don Schwarzkopf (Acting)
  • Landscaping:  The landscape committee addresses the maintenance and enhancement of our extensive open desert common land.   It also assists homeowners with information regarding appropriate desert vegetation, planting, pruning, and good horticulture practices.  The landscape committee helps establish our annual plans for special landscaping projects and maintains a record of past projects as well as a priority list for future investments. Chair: Bernie Pistillo (Acting)
  • Security:  The BHOA North Security Committee oversees physical security systems and processes to maintain a secure community. This is currently accomplished through the control of access/egress points, 24-hour patrols, physical controls and signage to control traffic movement within the community. The committee oversees contracts and 3rd party providers to ensure key security system components (gates, key cards, cameras, transponders, etc.) are operable.  The committee liaises with The Boulders South and Boulders Resort who share much of the infrastructure and services. Based on member input, committee identifies improvements, makes recommendations and implements approved cost-efficient solutions. Chair: Jan Neal
Special Committees
  • Financial: The financial committee works with the BHOA Treasurer for special projects and to aid in the annual budgeting process and in setting appropriate levels of reserves.
  • Legal: The legal committee works with the President or a designated officer of the Board to evaluate and engage external legal counsel, when necessary, in areas of importance to the BHOA community.
Last Updated: April 12, 2021