Board of Directors

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The Association is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors, elected by homeowners. They generally meet on the third Friday of each month. Meeting notices and agendas are sent in eNewsletters and posted on the bulletin board at the HOA office.
Board meetings are open format meetings and all homeowners are encouraged to attend. These are working meetings with an agenda set in advance, but each includes a Homeowner Forum portion to allow residents to address the Board. 
To email a Board member directly, please click on their name. 
Current Board of Directors
  • President, Bernie Pistillo, Term 03/2021-03/2024
  • Vice President, Jan Neal, Term 03/2021-03/2024
  • Treasurer, Thad Gembacz, Term 04/2021-03/2022
  • Secretary, Dave McKeown, Term 03/2021-03/2024
  • Director, Diane Roth, Term 10/2021-03/2022
  • Director, Don Schwarzkopf, Term 03/2020-03/2023
  • Director, Vacant, Term 04/2021-03/2022
  • Director, Vacant, Term 04/2021-03/2022
  • Director, Vacant, Term 04/2021-03/2022
  • Director, Vacant, Term 04/2021-03/2022