BHOA North Meetings

The Boulders North HOA conducts several types of meetings for the benefit of community members.    The purpose of these meetings are, in general, to allow for community participation in the governance of the Boulders North and to communicate ongoing plans and actions by the Boulders North Board of Directors. 
  • Held on a monthly basis the Boulders North HOA has a Board of Directors Meeting open to all community members.   These meeting provide insight into the detailed activities of the BHOA and its operating committees.   All homeowners are encouraged to participate and to stay informed via formal reports and question and answer forums.
  • An Annual Members meeting,  generally scheduled during the last week in March, is held to announce the Board election results, present a recap of the previous years activities, and to provide a community-wide opportunity to meet together at the West Pool.  
  • In addition to these regularly scheduled meetings, Special Meetings of the community can be organized by homeowners to discuss and vote on issues that fall outside monthly Board and annual membership meetings.